Hi There!

and thanks for looking into Jamelia Photograph Fundraising
It IS a real thing, in case you are wondering now that you are here and here is actually nothing but this small post.

However, I will run through the basics of our available fundraising.

1. Commissions to YOU: This one is for child care and community centres and the like - anyone with a large database of children. How it works, you send letters out to your clientel, I wear the postage and printing costs, you just approve the letter and provide addresses, or can address the letters yourself as a matter of privacy. The letters invite mothers to have their children photographed by ME, and/or to have a PHOTO PARTY. The shoot or photo party can be on your premises, at so other location such as a park or river area, in my studio or at the parent's house. Your centre gets 15% of ALL proceeds from the photo shoots generated from the mail out PLUS $20 for every photo party booked [once it has been held]. There are loads of freebies and generous discounts available to those who book sittings and especiall those who book photo parties.

2. We have a Photo Shoot Weekend. All parents who participate pay $12 to participate. The $12 each goes directly to the centre. For their $12 the parents receive a 6x8" print PLUS an additional 6x8" proofs page in preparation for their orders. The shoots take place at the centre in 15-30 minute intervals for each family over the Friday night and rest of the weekend. The free print and proofs will be available for collection and order placing within two weeks of the original shoot. Times will most likely be booked for each parent to discuss this, or orders phoned through directly to me.